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Its human nature that we tend to follow the crowd. This same thing applies in case of social media. Instagram itself has nearly 700 million monthly users which make it one of the most prominent social media platforms. The views are intended for videos on Instagram. If your video has very few views then people will not consider it worth watching. Buy Instagram views from us to make your videos look more popular get more views in return. Enhance your credibility, gain more reputation and more organic engagement. Content is the king as we all know. Better appealing content you can offer then more are the chances that your video will be viewed by more people interestingly. By getting more views on videos, your chances of becoming more visible will increase. Make use of targeted hash tags for your videos so when users will search, you can appear in their search results. Number of views represents the quality of your video.

Why choose Social NOOR for Buy Instagram views?

We offer you a wide range of packages that are designed after keeping in view your requirements. Whether you are an independent artist, blogger, small business owner or just a casual instagram user then Social NOOR is the best platform for you to cater all your needs. Choose the package that suits you and proceed further. We are in the social media marketing field from a long time. We are passionate about helping people achieve their social media goals. We have maintained a healthy and impeccable relationship with our clients. There is nothing to lose with us, whenever you don’t feel satisfied with our service, we will give you 100% money back guarantee.

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What details I need to give?

instagram video views

We tend to make this process as simple as possible for our clients so we just need your username. We ask for no other credentials like passwords etc. For us your privacy is a major concern. Select package, just enter your username and checkout, this is all what you need to do. Till now, Instagram has launched many features and one of them is Instagram Video Views. We are one of the prominent sites that provide this service. We try our best to stay updated according to the latest social media sites updates and cater all your needs.

Do you know recently a new enthralling standalone platform has been launched by Instagram?

Its name is IGTV that stands for Instagram TV. This platform is solely for uploading and watching long video of upto 1 hour length. There are three major metrics of which you need to take care of to surmount on this platform. The metrics are views, likes and comments. As only the videos can be found on this platform so its quite important to increase the views count and balance other factors as well.

What are the benefits of Buying Instagram views?

Major benefit is that you gill gain more exposure.

Expand brand awareness among people

You can easily and very quickly raise the number of people who are aware of your brand. Nowadays, most of time people spend on social media. To reach wide audience and making them aware of your business, it is required to have optimum number of likes on Instagram posts. This way, people will respond better. So buy instagram comments cheap to expand awareness and visibility of brand over Instagram.

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Create favorable image of brand

Create favorable image of your brand by managing instagram account properly. Impression of people on your business is very important. Better the impression, more people will attract towards your brand, hence a large loyal customer base. Buy instagram likes to create a reputational image of your brand.

How Instagram Video Views are best?

Massive people use social media for posting pictures and to connect with each other. Instagram is used by millions of people across the globe. It is used to taking pictures and sharing them with others. It can be also be used for marketing purpose and can help you to make money online.

Hashtags Work better

Hashtags are used at various social media platforms. On Instagram, users interact using Hashtags. It plays crucial role for business owners and those who want to gain more traffic on IG. Using hashtags, content can be searched easily and it is helpful in marketing and promotion of business. Purchase Instagram video views from us as it will enable your video and images to rank high in search results.

Share stories via videos and photos

A photo is worth thousand words and instagram is a vast sea of photos. Best way to increase brand awareness and marketing is to post the pictures consistently on daily basis. Pictures must be professional and relevant to your brand so it appeals audience and attract their attention. Users are more interested in videos rather than photos so it can go viral easily. Enhance marketing of your products with us.


People love discounts, free offers and other offers. The best way is to do contest for increasing instagram followers and promoting business. Arrange contest and questions can be asked related to product with caption like "Answer and win exciting prizes". One best way to use Instagram for contests is to encourage people share their pictures and reward the best one.

Connect with audience

If a small or medium sized business and promoting it, it is necessary to stay in touch with your audience. Reply their comments at regular intervals and tag them. Increase the value of product and market business effectively. So what are you waiting for.. Get in touch with us, buy instagram views from Social NOOR.

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Will i get banned from Instagram?

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Not at all, we assure that you don’t worry about it because for us, your security is essential. We have created an effective system that ensures your instagram page doesn’t get banned due to the unreal likes and followers. We keep pages well by staying up-to-date with the guidelines of Instagram and serve in a best way. We have offered service to thousands of clients and no one reported such case to us. So don’t worry, just sit back and relax.

What payment options we accept?

Presently, we accept PayPal and if you are looking to buy Instagram video views using Credit Card then you can do so by linking card with PayPal account. It must not take enough time. We recommend PayPal because it’s the most convenient, reliable and safest way for the buyer as well as seller.

What are you waiting for?

Not having the instagram account for promoting your business means missing out golden opportunity to promote and expose the business. There are numerous reasons to be on instagram and many ways to gain more views for your brand. You can opt for our Buy Instagram views service to kick start your video and photos views.

Why our customers trust us for boosting their online business?

We are here from a long time and served thousands of people. We have realised that most of our customers are satisfied with us and refer our site to their friends and buy our services again and again. We are one of the few companies on which you can rely and our services provide long lasting and effective results for your instagram profile. Along with increasing your video views, we can help you increase your likes on photos, website and videos. We try to execute best strategies and constantly strive to give our best. We make sure our clients stand out.

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Never settle for the bad or slower support. Social NOOR is one of the best social media marketing services provider and offer services round the clock. If we fail to deliver the services we promise then you can get in contact with us to get better assistance. Get in touch with us and start your social media journey.

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