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How to View Private Instagram Profile Techniques Without Following

By , Posted on 30th April, 2019 at 6:26 AM

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How to view someone’s private Instagram profile?

Got a crush on someone or want to stalk anyone on Instagram? Yes, but unable to do so. It only happens when their Instagram profile is PRIVATE.

We love to stalk people and peep into their lives to know what they are up to. Most famous Social Media Platforms, i.e. Instagram where almost anyone can be found, let’s you know about other people. After tireless up and down scrolling, people pass their time stalking photos of their old girlfriend, crush or anyone whom they like.

But Sadness prevails When the other person has put their account private, and you are unable to go through their posts. I know how stressful it is. There might be some behind it which made them do so.

Are you irritating them? Jokes apart…

After Facebook, Instagram falls on the second number in terms of users. To your surprise let me tell, it has now become a vast community of 1 billion monthly users that use it profoundly. It’s pretty easy to find anyone here.

Before that… let’s discuss.

What are the two types of Instagram profiles?

Sometimes you don’t want to reveal your personal life to your friends, family, and exes. Then the best option is to hide it from the public.
But if privacy isn’t the biggest concern for you then let it Public and no need to take any steps further.

Two types of accounts …namely they are Public and Private. Let’s know about them in brief:

Public – It can also be known as ” Open Account”. If you are a celebrity, social activist or an ordinary person who wants to share personal life with followers then keep it PUBLIC and open for the world to see.

Do you know? Anyone who doesn’t even know can see your profile and check out the content you have posted without permission.


On the other hand,

Private – It can also be called the ” CONFIDENTIAL” profile. If you don’t want to stay in the limelight, let people stalk you, don’t care about getting attention from strangers and intervene in your personal life then keep it private.


Let me clear your misunderstanding –

If you think by changing the account privacy, you won’t be able to get followers then you are wrong. No matter of which type your page or profile is, you can still gain real active Instagram followers.

Do you have this question in mind – Can you see someone’s story if their profile is private? The answer is no (MAGIC).

How to make your Instagram profile private?

Follow the below steps to set up your profile first then change the privacy:

1. Depending upon the phone you have Apple or Android – Go to App store or Play store.

2. Search Instagram and download it.

3. After downloading open, it up and you will be asked to log in or sign up. Note: You can even sign up with Facebook because both are linked with each other (keep your Facebook account logged in).

4. Done with all steps, now click on Log in and enter your Username and Password. 5. Now to set your profile to PRIVATE – Follow the below steps:

6. Fill in your credentials and open up Instagram.

7. Go to your profile


Instagram profile


8. Click on the Settings option


Instagram profile settings


9. You will get some options. Choose “Privacy and Security”


Privacy and security Instagram


10. Click on “Account Privacy”


Account privacy


11. Now slide the bar to make your account private, and it will turn blue.


make your account private


How simple it is!

How to view a private Instagram account?

Okay, let’s shift our focus to the actual topic. Nowadays everyone can be found on Social Media. We will discuss both the legitimate and illegitimate techniques that people follow to peep into others’ private profiles.

Imagine the scenario when you are trying hard to know someone but Instagram being an obstacle in your ways says ” The account is private”. You are not getting an answer to your question – How to view someone’s private Instagram photos? Don’t get disheartened fellow, there are numerous ways to connect with that person.

Let’s go through all the ways we scribbled for you:

1. Throw Follow Request

If you wish to follow someone whom you already know then its relatively easy to get your follow request accepted. Once the request is approved, you can ping them a polite message just to let them know that you want to talk or express your inner feelings.
Sometimes the friendships grow this way. Your long back friend might be missing you, and you connect with them on Instagram, they will be happy to link with you again if you are unknown and burning with the desire to see their photos then also this method can work for you.
The moment they approve your follow request, the Pandora box opens for you. Tada, everything is in front of you.

2. Ping them

You might be wondering; their profile is private then how can I send a message. or you can use WhatsApp chatbots Let’s know this.

Follow the steps for:

How to send a message to a private Instagram profile?


how to send message to private Instagram profile


1. Search for their username and go to their profile

2. In front of their username, there are three vertical dots. Click on that

3. You will get some options. Click on “Send Message”. Now type in your text and send DM to that person.

In the message, try to be as much polite as you can. Send text like ” Hey I am your old friend, we met at the party” (in case you know them) or anything relevant.

Make sure they don’t feel irritated enough and try to create a healthy relationship. Once they got irritated then they might block you forever then you won’t be able to send them DM.

3. Be patient and resume memories

Ask in a lovely tone and wait until they approve your request or reply to your DM. Show them why you are interested in following them and persuade them. Try to be as genuine as possible.

If you have already met them then let them know so they can recall the memories. Once you ping them make sure “Your profile is already set to PUBLIC” because they might check your profile. Correctly interact with them so they easily get persuaded and feel compelled to follow you back.

That’s all. The techniques mentioned above are the sincerest ways to get your follow request accepted.

4. Search their username

If all the above methods don’t work then follow this. If your motive is to see their photos then What if I tell that you can do so by without following them.

Go to Instagram and find the profile of the person with whom you want to connect. Copy their username because in this technique we need it.

Go to Google Search and search their username. Click on GOOGLE IMAGES, and the chances are you might get to see some of their posts if your luck is good enough. There are chances for the person whom you are looking for might had their account public before turning it to a private and left pile of images. You might get to see their Facebook photos and retrieve information.

This is not the best solution to turn out your anticipations right but worth something.

5. Create a Fake Profile

If nothing worked out, then it might prove useful. This technique falls under illegitimate ones but can be a sure success way. Follow the steps below:

The way you create a regular Instagram profile similarly makes one with the appealing username of some girl and goes on.

Why the female account? Because it automatically fetches the attention of both the genders. Most of the men don’t like to keep private.
Enter a meaningful bio as it’s the first thing that people read. Put up an alluring profile picture, ensure it’s not like the standard wallpaper images found on google.

Make the account seem more realistic by uploading girl’s pictures or something relevant from time to time. Try to update the trending content.

All done, now set your profile to PRIVATE. Why this? Because it will arouse the curiosity of the person on the other end.
Now Send a follow request and wait until it’s not accepted.

If it’s been a long time and you didn’t get any feedback then send them a direct message.

Most probably, you will be able to see their profile posts and interact well with them.

Got any success?

If not then still don’t abandon your hopes as we got some more methods.

What is Instagram Profile Viewer Tools?

Have you ever heard about them before?

No then keep reading further. Whenever you search on GOOGLE “How to view private Instagram profile?” then you are provided with a never-ending list that comprises of tools and websites.

These all sites firmly promise to show you the profile of the private user after whom you are running. Moreover, some even provide of the functionality of chatting and passing comments to other users.

All the ” Instagram Profile Viewer Tools” are not safe, or I should say no one.

Remember, most of the tools or websites are SCAM that make use of your personal information for their gains. If you still want to use these tools then DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK, AND WE CAN’T BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSS.

We tested most of these sites, but unfortunately, we didn’t get expected results. Their site designs are also so shabby which make you feel suspicious the first moment.

How to use Instagram private profile viewer tools?

Let’s go through the steps:

1. Search on Google ” Private Instagram viewer tools.”

2. Go to the selected site, and they will ask you to enter an Instagram username

3. They will fetch your information and show like the below pic.

4. Later on, there will drop an option of whether you want to download the data or not.

5. If clicked yes then they will show you the profile you are looking for.


You might be wondering ” Do they work or not?”

Let us see them. All the tools and websites out there providing such service are dubious and eat up your money. So, we urge you to be aware before falling into their clutches and lose your account.

Most of them are hacking sites and the antivirus blocks connected to it. But there are legitimate ways also which we discussed earlier.

How do Instagram private profile viewer tools and websites make money?

They make loads of bucks by scamming the people. Even after following all the steps, you land on survey or human verification pages.
Once you got redirected to survey pages, there are long series of questions will be asked from you or have to play some games to obtain the actual result. Some ask you to pay money or click on advertisements. Whereas few just run away with your credit card information and never come back.

You can’t download these tools. Every time you want to use them then follow the above steps time and again.

This all leads to wastage of time as well as money and not getting results. Every day thousands of people get frauded from these lucifers.

Wrap Up

We provided you with the answer to every question you can think of. Rather than getting mislead and duped off, it’s better to follow the right techniques. If you got some success, then do share with us your experiences to help our readers select the best choice.

Thanks for reading.

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