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Amazing Interesting SoundCloud Statistics & Facts for 2018

By , Posted on 11th September, 2018 at 6:30 AM

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A Berlin based online music and audio streaming site “SOUNDCLOUD” that let the musicians and artists to record, upload and share the work with others. Soundcloud was launched in October 2008 by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss. Current CEO of Soundcloud is Kerry Trainor. Headquarters are in SAN FRANCISCO, CA, United States and estimated employees are 50-200. By July 2018, it has 270.99 Million active visitors from US, UK, Germany etc.
In short time span, it has become the leading platform for the music creators and till now it has 170 million music creators. Here you can upload and share your music with anyone across the world.

Here you have 3 options:

  • Be a creator
  • Be a listener
  • Be a curator

It all depends upon you, what you want to be.

As soon as you open the Soundcloud, you will notice the following applications that let you navigate through everything:

  • Home – It let you see all the news feed, show the posted tracks and repost them. You can give any track a repost, like or add it your playlist and start playing it directly.
  • Search – Here you can easily find the most prominent tracks easily what you are in the mood to hear.
  • Collection – This tab contains all the songs that you have liked and playlists. Tap the three dots located in right corner to see own profile.
  • Music player – Whenever you play a track, this tab shows up. It allows you to access easily whatever song you are currently playing and can simultaneously browse other tabs.
  • Stream – From home, you can click on the arrow and see a label “Stream” to quickly go through ” what’s trending”. Browse music from various genres and various forms of audios.
  • Moreover, if you search on Internet related to Soundcloud then there is not enough data and number of infographics are next to nothing. Most of the people are not yet acquainted with Soundcloud and this is also the reason why its has so a smaller number of users.

Every Soundcloud profile has few aspects that the user needs to take care of to reap all the benefits and piles of bucks. The aspects are followers, reposts, likes, plays and comments. Talking solely about followers, it is the bedrock of every profile and without it your profile is worth nothing. You need bunch of Soundcloud followers who will show interest and listen your songs often whenever you upload it. Even you also know, if no one is listening your music then what’s the use of uploading it.

Once you have collected immense number of followers then in coming time they will come automatically that means you don’t need to put any efforts. With a greater number of followers comes more plays, likes, reposts and comments on songs.

Here at Social Noor, just to make you more familiar with Soundcloud, we have jotted down some cool and amazing facts of Soundcloud in the following exquisite infographic. Check it now.

Amazing SoundCloud Statistics and Facts